Finding a good blog writer for your business blog is easy if you understand the qualities you need to look for in a blog writer. There are several important aspects to consider. Your ideal blog writer should have:

* A suitable writing style for your business blog

* An understanding of your business

* A willingness to make changes

* Reliability

* A knowledge of SEO writing techniques

Does the blog writer have a suitable writing style?

Most experienced blog writers are able to adapt their style and tone to meet your requirements — most, but not all. It’s quite acceptable to ask your prospective blog writer to prepare a sample blog posting. If you do this, specify the tone and style that you prefer so the writer doesn’t have to guess! Most blogs use a friendly, personal style but if your business blog relates to the medical or legal profession you may prefer a more formal tone. If your blog is written for a teenage audience, you will want a blog writer who can speak to them in their own lingo!

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Does the blog writer understand your product or service?

You may be lucky enough to find a blog writer with some knowledge of your trade or industry. Blog writers come from a variety of backgrounds. You’ll find writers with experience from cattle farming to legal practice. Whilst it can be beneficial if a blog writer has experience related to your business, don’t place too much emphasis on this aspect — many blog writers are well educated with a range of life experience. If they don’t know much about your business they are usually prepared to research and learn — doing so will make it easier for them to write regularly for you blog.


Will the blog writer be happy to make changes?

Experienced writers are quite used to editing their work and will usually be happy to make any reasonable changes to their postings. Inexperienced writers sometimes take offence when asked to make changes, interpreting it as criticism of their writing. They have to grow out of it. Your knowledge of your business will be greater than theirs, and it’s likely you will want them to alter some of their postings. A writer may post an item containing a statement or viewpoint you just don’t want on your blog and they should be happy to edit it upon request. When asking your blog writer to alter postings, keep in mind that no other person will choose exactly the words you would choose. Allow your writer to use their own words, so long as the writing is professional and reads well. Asking for constant minor changes will irritate an experienced writer. If you are constantly monitoring the blog postings and frequently asking the writer to substitute one word for another, you probably have time to write your own postings and should probably consider doing so!


Will you blog writer make regular posts?

Reliability is likely to be important if you don’t have time to make your own posts and you don’t have much time to monitor the blog. It’s almost impossible to know whether a person is reliable or not until they begin working for you however, take note of how promptly your prospective blog writer submits any samples you ask for and responds to any questions you have.


Does the writer have SEO writing experience?

An experienced blogger usually knows how to research and select good keywords for your blog. If you do not understand SEO, then this will be the most important skill to look for in a blog writer. If you know a writer personally you may be tempted to arrange for them to write your business blog however, if they do not understand SEO writing, you may find that your blog does not bring the right visitors to your website.


There are two ways to work with a blog writer. You can ask them to prepare postings on a Word document and send it to you so you can make changes and post the items yourself. Alternatively, you can allow the writer to have direct access to your business blog so they can upload the postings as soon as they are written. If you know how to upload your own items, it’s always wise to maintain control over the postings until you are happy with the writer’s work. When you are confident enough to pass the responsibility of uploading items to them, you will know you have found a good blog writer plus!

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